2013 Renegades Spring Elite Selects

Identification Skate

$100 per player @ MENNEN ARENA

March 10 & 11 - Mennen 1
5:45pm - 6:45pm - 2005/2006
7:00pm - 8:00pm - 2003/2004
8:15pm - 9:15pm - 2001/2002
All players attending the Identification Skates must have a written release from thier current in-season Club's authorized representative.

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Jersey Size: (please select one)



Please have three choices, returning players will have first preference

2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
3 tournaments, 15 practices, home/away jerseys, practice jerseys and socks, Professional coaching skill development and top Tourney competition.

2001 2000 1999
15 practices - 2 tournamanents Ė home away practice and socks

1998 1997
15 practices, 3 tournies game jersey socks and practice jersey

Midget Chowder Cup - $350

Tryout Fee - $100


Due at registration, 100% of total tuition for clinics, 50% of total tuition for camps (remainder due by 5/16/13)

Spring season cost is $1,175 for Tier I and $899 for Tier II. Tier 1-15 practices and 3 tournaments and team uniform is included in the fee.Tier 2-10 practices - 2 Tournaments and team uniform is included in the fee. It will be the responsibility of each family to secure hotel accommodations for all tournaments. A 50% down payment is expected when you receive an invite letter or after tryouts for teams that have tryout/ID skate. Full balance must be paid at first team practice.

I, , do hereby give my approval for the player listed above to participate in the Spring 2013 Renegades Hockey Program. I fully understand that there are many inherent risks, direct and indirect in this program. Being fully aware of these risks, I am willing to permit the Player whom I am legally responsible for to participate in the program. In addition, I am willing to assume all risks inherent in and incidental to such participation, and I hereby release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless The Renegades Hockey Club, itís Partners, Officers, Employees, Staff and Volunteers, of any claim arising out of any injury, to me or the player. I hereby authorize and request the Renegades Hockey Club itís Partners, Officers, Employees, Staff and Volunteers to act on my behalf according to the best judgement of the Renegades Hockey Club, itís Partners, Officers, Employees, Staff and Volunteers under prevailing circumstances in the event of any injury, or in the event that I am not able to act for myself, or the player, or I cannot be contacted.

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